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R. David Lebel PhD

  • Associate Professor of Business Administration
  • Ben L. Fryrear Faculty Fellow

David Lebel is an Associate Professor of Business Administration and Ben L. Fryrear Faculty Fellow at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. His award-winning research focuses on two topics. First, he examines how negative emotions such as fear and anger influence our behavior, asking when these emotions might have functional or dysfunctional effects for people at work. Second, he examines when employees are proactive, such as speaking up with ideas for improvement, being innovative, or taking initiative. From this line of research he hopes to help organizations create settings that foster these behaviors.

Dave has been recognized for his outstanding teaching at the Katz School of Business, receiving multiple teaching awards. Dave’s teaching interests include organizational behavior, organizational change, and communication at work. Prior to pursuing a Ph.D., he was a management consultant with Deloitte, providing strategy and operations expertise to public sector clients, and was an analyst for a large $15 billion privately held supply chain organization.

Organizations and Entrepreneurship