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Past Events


Pillars of ESG

The Pillars of ESG executive education program by the Center For Sustainable Business is a direct response to requests from our member company community. This program provides targeted educational opportunities for business executives, guiding them in navigating the growing importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. The event empowers board members and executives to strategically address stakeholder concerns and lead their organizations effectively.


Spring 2024 Sustainable Business Forum

Join us for our member-exclusive flagship event, the Sustainable Business Forum, where we curate and host cross-sector conversations that generate visionary sustainable business solutions.


Fall 2023 Small and Medium Business Summit

The SMB Summit will be an intimate, invite-only event.
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 

This year, we will:

  • Formally launch our SMB membership.
  • Reveal sustainability opportunities for small and medium businesses in Appalachia.
  • Identify how this unique group can collaborate to achieve a just transition.


Fall 2023 Sustainable Business Forum

Join us for our member exclusive flagship event, the Sustainable Business Forum, where we curate and host cross sector conversations that generate visionary sustainable business solutions.


Sustainability Camp 2023

Join us for a day of presentations and discussions on fresh sustainable business research insights that galvanize businesses to thrive for all stakeholders. These conversations will allow participants to delve deeper into what being a sustainable business really means.


Navigating Climate Law

In this Hybrid event, you will learn a framework that your Small or Medium Businesses can use to develop your company strategy for navigating the dynamic and uneven climate landscape. Pitt Law’s Jennifer Smokelin will give a keynote address that will emphasize priorities, flexibility, and goals of a company as relates to Climate Law.


Spring 2023 Sustainable Business Forum

Addressing the need for creating value for customers and companies at the customer interface, the Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) provided a platform for selected invited guests to discuss the challenges and opportunities regarding this year’s theme, “The Customer Sustainability Interface: Challenges and Opportunities.” Industry leaders and academic experts came together to share sustainable business best practices and cutting-edge insights.


Building a Circular Manufacturing Economy | Decarbonize Middle America Strategy Primer

This virtual event included a discussion about what has gone well and what support is needed in our effort to create a circular economy in Appalachia. Moderated by Dr. Patricia DeMarco our panelists included: David Landis, John Holm, Steven Laich, and Joanne Martin.


Virtual ESG Strategy Lunch and Learn: The Metrics Needed to for Accessing Progress on Decarbonization

A discussion with academic experts and industry leaders on our ESG Rosetta Stone workstream, including informative presentations, engaging panel discussions, and a Q&A portion with audience members.


CSB Anniversary Celebration

The Center for Sustainable Business celebrated its 3rd anniversary since launching in 2019! This sustainable celebration took place at Alumni Hall (a Livestream was also available) and featured a guest panel, keynote speaker, and an evening networking reception


Fall 2022 Sustainable Business Forum

Addressing the need for clean, circular, and regenerative supply chains, the Center for Sustainable Business aims to provide a platform for selected invited guests to discuss the challenges and opportunities regarding this year’s theme, “Supply Chains: Clean, Circular, Regenerative.” Industry leaders and academic experts will come together to share sustainable business best practices and cutting-edge insights.


Zero Carbon Resources & Appalachia's Sustainable Finance Hub (part of GCEAF 2022)

Nowhere could be more fitting for the 2022 GCEAF than Pittsburgh, the storied heart of America’s industrial past and a springboard for the nation’s energy future. CSB Senior Associate Director Chris Gassman moderated an official side event, "Zero Carbon Resources and Appalachia's Sustainable Finance Hub".


Global Clean Energy Action Forum

The U.S. hosted the first-ever Global Clean Energy Action Forum, a joint convening of the 13th Clean Energy Ministerial and the 7th Mission Innovation ministerial. Governments, international organizations, the private sector, academia, innovators, civil society, and early career researchers and policymakers came together for a three-day event that featured high-level plenaries, topical roundtables with energy and science ministers from 31 countries, CEOs, and experts, side events, technology demonstrations, and other activities.


Workforce 100% Strategy Primer

Attendees learned about the wicked problems facing the workforce today and how they can take actionable steps to facilitate a more fair workplace and ensure all employees are set up to succeed.


Katz - Center for Sustainable Business Information Session

The CSB Team held an information session about how students can get involved with the Center and the many fellowships, internships, and research projects that we have to create an impact in organizations. If you weren't able to attend, please reach out to us at about your interests and for more information on these opportunities.


2022 Diversity Forum "Rewiring Our Systems: Transforming the Intersections of Inequity"

The forum featured a dynamic array of keynote programs and community-led sessions aimed at developing social equity consciousness and systems thinking approaches. The forum was free and open to the public.


Sustainability: Circular, Regenerative, and Just Economies (Faculty & Staff Development Program)

What do CSR, ESG, and SRI really mean?


Transformative Leadership and the Just Energy Transition Webinar


Penn State Energy Days

PSU Energy Days virtual and in person conference Attendees learned how the Marshall Plan for Middle America came together, why it was created, and what it can teach us about the potential for actors across the region to cooperate in the pursuit of energy and climate solutions at Penn State University's Institutes of Energy and the Environment Energy Days. Leslie Marshall, Director at the SFPE Foundation shared the example of MP4MA - a project she spearheaded while here at the CSB – to describe how energy and infrastructure transition can bring together diverse (if seemingly unlikely) stakeholders from industry, finance, labor, academia, government, and community organizations around shared interests in economic development and regional prosperity. Center Associate Director Chris Gassman was on hand for the in-person discussions. Learn more here.


Pittsburgh Earth Day Sustainable Business Breakfast at The Fairmont Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's top leaders in corporate and community sustainability gathered at the Fairmont Pittsburgh to discuss what it takes to implement sustainable practices and how to connect to global sustainability goals.


Virtual Decarbonize Middle America Strategy Lunch and Learn: Drawdown Opportunities and the SEC

Learn more about the Security and Exchange Commission’s recent announcement and the steps carbon-intense industries as well as smaller businesses are exploring to manage the financial risks posed by climate change. Panelists unpacked the why behind the rules and worked through the necessary frameworks to future-proof businesses. Attendees brought a question or topic, shared perspectives, and tapped into peers’ collective knowledge while networking and taking part in a lively discussion. Part of a series of lunch and learn events.