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Strategic Advisory Council

Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Water Quality Platform, Danaher
CEO of Edelman U.S.
Business Leader and Co-Author of Net Positive: How Courageous Companies Thrive by Giving More Than They Take
Director, UN SDSN University Professor, Columbia University
Head of North America, Enel Group

The Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) helps companies transition to more sustainable business models by leveraging the role of corporate purpose and the integration of sustainability throughout the organization. To assist in this mission, the CSB is guided by the substantive expertise, intellectual vision, critical depth, and professional connections of a high-level group of industry and civil society leaders who serve on the CSB’s Strategic Advisory Council (SAC).

The SAC advises the Center for Sustainable Business on current sustainability trends in corporate settings, provides direction for innovative teaching and research agendas, increases the visibility of the CSB’s activities, and acts as a sounding board for CSB outputs to ensure that the CSB is delivering on its mission across all three programmatic areas of thought leadership, research, and education. In this latter role, the SAC will help to assess and evaluate whether the CSB is delivering on its value proposition to corporate sponsors and community partners by reviewing semi-annual progress reports and offering feedback to CSB senior leadership.