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Marshall Plan for Middle America

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The Center for Sustainable Business has been leading a cross-sectoral research team to envision a strategy for tackling the concurrent challenges of climate change, social and environmental injustice, and economic crisis. With a charitable donation and scientific support from the Enel Foundation, the Marshall Plan for Middle America (MP4MA) Roadmap aims to build a regional, multi-sectoral coalition of stakeholders to drive investment in infrastructure and energy diversification that will catalyze more equitable economic recovery while laying a foundation for the Ohio Valley (including Upper Appalachia) to be a global leader in cleaner energy resources and circular economy practices.

With the support of all key project partners — including the City of Pittsburgh and Mayor William Peduto, the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network led by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, and Steel Valley Authority and the Heartland Capital Strategies Network — the MP4MA Roadmap lays out a strategy for regional cooperation that brings together five essential components:

(1) Reliable research and evidence to help chart the path forward;
(2) Governing institutions with identifiable infrastructure needs and community ties;
(3) Companies to invest in long-term market development and support the transition to more sustainable business practices;
(4) Capital to finance development; and,
(5) Community oversight, transparency, and accountability.

Read the Marshall Plan for Middle America Roadmap - Full Report

Read the Marshall Plan for Middle America Roadmap - Summary


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About the Roadmap:

The Marshall Plan for Middle America (MP4MA) Roadmap is a non-partisan, data-driven research document created through the joint scientific efforts of academic and policy researchers based at the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the City of Pittsburgh, the Steel Valley Authority, the Heartland Capital Strategies Network, and the Enel Foundation. The MP4MA Roadmap is intended to provide a platform for regional cooperation across the Ohio Valley without regard for the political party or institutional affiliation of any specific stakeholder.

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