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Decarbonize Middle America

"Decarbonize Middle America"


Decarbonize Middle America efforts will increase the number of companies with working 2030 Target strategies aligned to the Paris Accord’s 1.5 degrees Celsius ambitions for a just transition to clean and circular economies. This includes the Center’s Marshall Plan for Middle America initiative. A large part of this work includes building and maintaining the ecosystem of efforts across the region.

Educational Resources
  • YouTube Playlist: Please check out this playlist of past DMA-oriented events at the CSB
  • Appalachian Sustainable Potential Map (ASPM): The ASPM is an interactive dashboard and maps researched and cultivated by Cara Steinberg. This map allows for the people of Appalachia to begin seeing patterns across the region and how to utilize these opportunities to solve some of our most pressing challenges.
  • Small and Medium Business Climate Corps: The SMB CC is a means for local businesses to help develop their sustainable journey through applied research, community building, and educational opportunities. Email Us for more information.
  • Pitt Decarbonization Information: The University of Pittsburgh strives to be a model for decarbonization within the region. Take a look at our Energy and Emissions information as well as our Decarbonization dashboard.
Collaborations for Decarbonizing
  • Marshall Plan for Middle America: The MP4MA was developed 3 years ago to help support a sustainable transition for the region with other organizations working on similar bodies of work.
  • ReImagine Appalachia: Reimagine Appalachia has been instrumental in implementing the ideas presented in the Marshall Plan and continues to expand its work.
  • Heartland Capital: Heartland Capital is another partner that continues to work on the MP4MA work. They are looking to expand their capacity and offerings in the region to support the availability of funds.
  • Pennsylvania and Appalachian Sustainable Business Networks: The PA and Appalachian Sustainable Business Networks are affiliate endeavors of the American Sustainable Business Institute. Lou Tierno is the director of both and is utilizing the resources and partnership of the Center to make a cohesive and impactful network.
Convening Corporate Partnership Options

For corporate partners interested in guiding and early collaboration opportunities with specific Workstreams. Contact us at CSB@Katz.Pitt.Edu to explore further.