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Paul Klein JD

  • Clinical Associate Professor of Business Administration

Paul Klein has been teaching law and ethics throughout his teaching career. Having spent his earlier career working as a mediator for the Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations and as an Investment Executive for financial services firm Paine Webber (UBS), he has had hands on experience addressing the legal and ethical challenges that arise in the workplace as well as in the financial services industry. He has also conducted legal and ethics training for business and other organizational professionals at such organizations as Alcoa, Heinz, Calgon Carbon, Dick Corp and the Pittsburgh High Technology Council.

Professor Klein is also an elected official serving as a member of Allegheny County Council, the legislative branch of county government. He has also served as a moderator for candidate forums held in Pittsburgh, for the U.S. Senate seat from Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, the 2015 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial election and the state Attorney General election in 2012.

Organizations and Entrepreneurship