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Mohit Dewan

  • People's Gas Fellow

As an MBA & MS in MIS candidate at Katz Graduate School of Business, Mohit Dewan is at the forefront of renewable energy research and application. Collaborating closely with People's Gas, he delves into the complexities of renewable equipment lifecycles and the broader socio-economic implications of metal mining. Mohit's mission is to address and bridge the gaps in present-day energy solutions, championing sustainable strategies and cutting-edge technological advancements to meet the evolving energy needs.

Building on his hands-on experience at DMI Companies, where he made significant contributions to sustainability-driven projects, Mohit's nuanced understanding of business operations and financial strategies is playing a pivotal role in steering the collaboration with People's Gas. Rooted in his Ed-Tech entrepreneurial journey and fueled by a steadfast commitment to innovative energy solutions, Mohit is carving out a path of transformation both within the University of Pittsburgh's corridors and in the wider energy domain.