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Emmy Ray

  • Center Manager

Emmy joins the CSB team as the Center Manager. Before deciding to devote her career to sustainable business, Emmy worked as a supervisor at Starbucks for 6-years. During her time at Starbucks, she became determined to learn about how to make the company more sustainable and led efforts to reduce the waste of resources in her store. Additionally, Emmy spends her time helping non-profits like Mon Valley Paws and her local veteran’s network by collecting essential goods for them from people in her community.

Emmy is excited to join the university and live out her passion of joining together with others to help businesses become more sustainable. Her passion for sustainability began with her upbringing in Colorado where she began to see the effects of climate change on the serene forests and rivers, she grew up exploring. Social sustainability is most important to Emmy as she believes the way to sustainable businesses is by expanding opportunities for people to come together and build relationships.

Emmy hopes to be a tool the center relies on to help inspire others to lessen their carbon footprints and use her experience in reducing waste at Starbucks to show companies that sustainability contains economic advantages. Emmy is pursuing her master’s in Marketing and hopes to use her skills to create tools for businesses to market in ways that make a positive cultural and environmental impact.

Outside of her career, Emmy enjoys serving her local community, baking, listening to podcasts, traveling, making pottery, and playing numerous board games with her friends.

    Education & Training

  • PA
  • Bachelor of Arts, Organizational Leadership, Arizona State University