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Cara Steinberg

  • DMA Center Associate

Cara Steinberg is a rising junior at Pitt pursuing an Environmental Studies degree. She is driven by the positive impact she is capable of having on the world and the people in it. Her capacity to make meaningful change sustains her passion for environmentalism. Outside of her career, Cara is a member of Epsilon Eta, a Pitt Arts Host, and the bassist for various ensembles including Pitt’s Jazz Ensemble.

As a Center Associate this summer, Cara is employing her environmental passion and technical GIS knowledge to create a digital, map-centered resource of the Appalachian region’s sustainable potential. The resource visualizes vital data on regional assets, workforce, damaged lands, and funding opportunities. This deliverable will help stakeholders plan and execute sustainable changes that are aptly suited to the region’s resources.

    Education & Training

  • Environmental Studies, University of Pittsburgh