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Ana Reyes

  • Center Associate

Ana is pursuing a Master’s degree in Marketing Science and Business Analytics and is currently working as a Center Associate. She has nine years of work experience in Marketing and Commercial roles, primarily in the retail industry, where she also contributed to social responsibility initiatives. In her recent positions, she collaborated with different associations to implement impactful Marketing and Social campaigns. The latter included organizing donation drives, promoting recycling and composting practices, conducting contests to support nutrition-focused entrepreneurships, and pioneering the implementation of circular economy concepts in visual merchandising. These initiatives showcase her dedication to sustainable practices within the corporate landscape.  Additionally, she dedicated a year and a half of her career to Educat Germany, an association focused on enhancing education in developing countries through strategic investments, emphasizing her commitment to global social causes.  

Her interest in sustainability stems from a desire to create awareness and drive change on environmental issues, both on an individual and corporate level, coupled with a strong interest to promoting diversity and equity in the workplace. 

    Education & Training

  • Masters of Science in Marketing and Business Analytics, University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business
  • Masters of Business Administration, Hult Business School
  • Bachelor in Business Administration, Universidad del Pacifico