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Past Events

On recognition of this Earth Day, a kickoff session of resiliency series by President and CEO of World Council of Pittsburgh, Betty Cruz and cohosted by H.J. Zoffer Chair in Sustainability and Ethics at the Katz Graduate School of Business, CB Bhattacharya representing Center for Sustainable Business at University of Pittsburgh. This series explore how local, national and international government, institutions and individuals are working to increase resiliency as it relates to the economy, health and climate action. Listen to keynote speaker Dr. Jeffrey Sachs talk about the Net Zero Initiative to transform US into world's clean energy economy by Biden Administration.
This year's Spring 2021 Sustainable Business Forum featured Dr Audrey J. Murrel, Professor of Business Administration, Psychology, Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Business as Academic keynote speaker and Edelman’s U.S. Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Osborne Ross as Industry keynote speaker on sustainability and DE&I and how they are inextricably linked.
One of Asia's top 20 Sustainability Women of 2020, Divya Nawale (GSPIPA '16) currently works with the Asian Development Bank on clean energy and energy programs across Southeast Asia.
“How do we build a more just and sustainable world?” GBBN Architects will be convening grassroots leaders, city sustainability officials, and mission-driven developers from Cincinnati, Louisville, Minneapolis, and Pittsburgh – including Mayors Bill Peduto of Pittsburgh and John Cranley of Cincinnati – to discuss this question. This panel discussion on the Marshall Plan for Middle America featured CSB Associate Director Leslie Marshall.
A talk by Fred Brown (The Forbes Funds), Leslie Marshall (Center for Sustainable Business), and Hannah Young (British Consulate General New York) about how Britain and the Ohio Valley Region are rethinking sustainable development.

CSB Director CB Bhattacharya participated in the following panel discussion at the BSR 2020 Virtual Conference

The CSB partnerned with other organizations around Pittsburgh to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. CSB Director CB Bhattacharya joined senior corporate leaders on a panel at the annual Sustainable Business Breakfast, which was held virtually.

Theme: "Enticing, Empowering, and Engaging Employees through Sustainability Initiatives" This is an exclusive and intensive working meeting hosted by the Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) for CSB corporate sponsors and select invited guests. Companies are encouraged to send two representatives to participate:

  1. senior sustainability manager within the organization 
  2. senior human resources manager or related department
This event was the fourth in the Climate Mayors National Dialogue on a Green and Equitable Recovery, a nationwide speaker series advocating for national leadership to prioritize recovery policies that are environmentally sustainable and socially just in the time of COVID-19.
"Build Your Business with Sustainability: Examples Small to Large" Prof. CB Bhattacharya gave a presentation titled “Build Your Business with Sustainability: Examples Small to Large” on September 30, 2020 at 3pm EST.

CSB Director CB Bhattacharya presented at the 2nd Annual Green Wave Summit. Held online, Green Wave explores how companies can accelerate change for the benefit of the planet. The conference features talks from major organizations as well as opportunities to network with other sustainability leaders.

Green Wave

"Responsible Investment for a Sustainable World" MCSI's Green Speakeasy Series returned with Tom Croft, Executive Director, Steel Valley Authority and Managing Director, Heartland Capital Strategies Network. This event was cohosted by the CSB and MCSI.
“Insights from a Fortune 200 Sustainability Expert” Mike Corcoran spoke to the Pitt Business community about how sustainability factors into his role as Manager of Environmental Compliance at PPG.

Systemic racism exists in the business and entrepreneurial space where differential access to capital and resources serves as the main perpetuator of inequity.

Watch the Diversity Forum workshop »

This invitation-only meeting for CSB corporate sponsors and select invited industry guests was held to share news from the CSB and provide a platform to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and conversation as we all work to adapt our operations during COVID-19 while keeping sustainability and resilience top of mind.
"Taking Ownership of a Sustainable Future" The UN SDGs have been upended by the pandemic. Prof. CB Bhattacharya FRSA discussed why businesses should remain committed to them.
"Sustainability in the COVID-19 Era: Logistics and Supply Chain Management" The rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world has brought the depth of our interconnectedness into sharp relief. No large company can operate in isolation; getting products and services to customers requires navigating a complex web of parts and raw material suppliers, manufacturers, transportation networks, and energy procurement challenges. Breaks in any link of the chain can cause disruption all along the way and have serious consequences for people's lives.