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Sponsorship Opportunities

We are actively seeking sponsors who are committed to learning how to better integrate the principle of sustainability throughout their organizational practice and culture. Our programs are designed to yield a return on your investment in the form of more value-added across the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

Sponsors pay an annual membership fee to belong to the Center for Sustainable Business and receive services and amenities commensurate with their chosen level of engagement. There is no mandatory membership cycle; companies may join at any time during the calendar year and renew before the end of the 12-month cycle. A portion of all sponsorships go directly towards Student Support at Pitt Business

At this time, four sponsorship options are available, as enumerated below, though customized packages are negotiable at the Gold level and above.


  • Sponsorships are rolling throughout the year; join at any time and renew annually.
  • Customized packages are vavailable at the Gold level and above. 
Silver Sponsorship – $10,000
  • An invitation for two senior corporate representatives to attend the SBF twice per year (one from the corporate responsibility/sustainability department and one from a department relevant to the meeting theme):
    • Learn how triple bottom line strategies (i.e. People, Planet, and profit) create value and increase equity for different functional areas within the company.
    • Discuss best practices, opportunities, and challenges of implementing these strategies with other world-class companies.
    • Formulate and implement strategies that maximize both business and societal value.
  • Exclusive access to an online platform enabling members to continue discussions outside of the Forum.
  • biannual e-newsletter highlighting the latest sustainability trends and academic insights.
  • Exclusive invitations to attend relevant lectures, workshops, and panels hosted at Pitt.
  • Public recognition for your investment in research and innovation on sustainable business practices.
  • Opportunities to contribute to the training and mentoring of a new generation of sustainable business leaders.
Gold Sponsorship – $25,000

All the benefits of the Silver level plus a dedicated Fellow to catalyze your sustainability strategies journey:

  • Benchmark your progress and opportunities in a just transition to a clean and circular economy.
  • Early Access to innovation accelerators to hack and break through your wicked problems
  • Research special projects of strategic relevance scoped with CSB and led by your Fellow
Platinum Sponsorship – $35,000

All the benefits of the Gold level plus deeper peer and public benefits:

  • Leaderboard ranking and insights to drive business value creation and model the way for your peers
  • Public commitments that turn rhetoric into action on science-based targets, decent work, and ESG
  • Solution Saloon of biannual C-Suite peer-to-peer sessions to work through barriers and accelerate your journey 
Diamond Sponsorship – $35,000+

All the benefits of the Platinum level plus a customized package of engagements (e.g. ideation and accelerator programs, research projects, executive education, speaking engagements, corporate trainings, etc.), fee to be negotiated. 

For more information about our vision for the center and how your investment will translate into value-added results, contact Chris Gassman for a copy of our white paper. 

For a brief, downloadable summary of the center’s programmatic areas and a description of the sponsorship options, check out our concept note (PDF). 

Ready to start the conversation? 

Contact Associate Director Chris Gassman to set up a meeting or inquire about sponsorship options. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Headquartered in or around Pittsburgh? 

Read more about how the Center for Sustainable Business plans to work with partner organizations and initiatives in the broader region.

Check out our current sponsors!