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Fellowship Opportunities

Summer 2024 Fellowship Application is Now Open - Apply Here

Academic Year 2024/2025 Fellowship Application in Now Open - Apply Here

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The Center for Sustainable Business connects students interested in driving research and relationship collaboration between a major company & the CSB over the Academic Year. 

Examples of Past Fellowship research topics:

Ansys Fellow: Researching Market Strategies for Energy Transitions 

CNX Fellow: Researching Market Strategies for Energy Transitions 

CONSOL Energy Fellow: ESG Benchmarking, Analysis, and Storytelling Strategy 

Ingevity Fellow: Marketing Analysis and Strategy for Climate-Positive Transportation

Koppers Fellow: Engaging Stakeholders in Sustainable Procurement

Lawyers for Net Zero Fellow: Develop Automation and Data Mining for Increased Organizational Efficiency 

Peoples Gas Fellow: Clean Energy Market Research and Strategy with Emphasis in Affordability and Equity for Underserved Communities 

PITT OHIO Fellow:  Research and Strategy Recommendations Related to Customer Logistics Carbon Calculator Model

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