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Current Sponsors

We are proud to work with a diverse group of global and regional companies who are committed to investing in research and education on best practices and innovation in the field of sustainable business strategy. Please review additional opportunities. A portion of all sponsorships go directly towards Student Support at Pitt Business.

Small & Medium Businesses

Incorporated in 1922 by founders and brothers Ralph, Paul, and Walter Sloan, the initial focus of Sloan Lubrication Systems was mechanical lubricators used in heavy industry, steam-to-water heat exchangers, and steam traps. Walter’s son John joined the company after his World War II service. He helped the business shift to provide accurate, protected lubrication systems for the fast-growing natural gas transmission industry. For the past four generations, our family has committed to perfection in the art and science of lubrication and dedicated ourselves to continuing the Sloan Lubrication Systems’ legacy of success by exceeding our customers’ needs.

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